Cabo Verde Tenth Island Project

Welcome to Kids Talk Radio. This is the home of the Cabo Verde Tenth Island Project International Enhanced STEM Blog.  We welcome your comments.

9 thoughts on “Cabo Verde Tenth Island Project

  1. A team of computer using educators met in Palm Springs, California to talk about working as a team on the Cabo Verde Tenth island project. Roger Wagner agreed to help our team of teachers, backpack journalists and scientists. Our goal is to build a virtual airport on the island of Santa Luzia, Cape Verde.

  2. Hello Bob, this is Angelo from Cape Verde.
    Nice to see this interface.
    I hope this is going to help us to connect ideas and bringing this project up.

    Um abraço
    Angelo Barbosa

  3. Great News!! It’s going to be a fantastic opportunity for kids to share their brilliance by incorporating new knowledge with their creativity, their inquisitive minds integrating science with limitless perspectives in order to aid in the creation of a virtual airport and island civilization….R.B.

  4. Can I use Microsoft Flight Simulator to fly-over Santa Luzia to see its layout from the air, then land on the virtual airport on the island? Now that would be fun and I’m sure I’d learn quite a bit about Santa Luzia through this fun exercise.

  5. Hello Bob,
    It was great seeing you at CABE a couple of weeks ago! I was very intrigued hearing about the Cabo Verde Tenth Island Project. I really think that this will be a great opportunity for students all over the world to come together and share their ideas, language, and cultural backgrounds in pursuit of scientific inquiry.

  6. I love the idea of using the Microsoft Flight Simulator to fly over Santa Luzia Island. It is just a matter of having the maps programmed into the software. I remember working with MFS V1. It was a fantastic program for learning how to fly. Thank you for your comments. This is a project that needs to grow more legs.

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