Student Backpack Scientists: Apple iPhones on the Road

Our student backpack journalists and scientists are packing Apple iPhones loaded with eBooks and teacher and student productivity software. We are conducting experiments in the field and sending our observations and data back to our team members in the classroom. “This is an exciting way to go to school with you are spending a good deal of your time in the field where the action is. I love studying science in this way.” said chemistry student Brian Allen. We are involved in project based-learning and we are studying topics well beyond the traditional classrooms. Our high school does not offer organic and inorganic chemistry. However, we are studying carbon compounds for the Cabo Verde Tenth Island Project. Today, organic chemistry means the study of compounds that contain bonds between carbo atoms, while inorganic chemistry is the study of all other compounds. Our team has decided to spilt into two groups to create news chemistry podcasts to help the whole group get a deeper understanding of both organic and inorganic chemistry. We are now reading the following textbooks: Organic Chemistry by T.W. Graham Solomons and Criag B. Fryhle, the publisher is Whily. and Basic Inogranic Chemistry, by F. Albert Coltton, Geoffrey Wilkinson, and Paul Gaus, third edition, publisher Wiley. We welcome your video and audio podcasts.

You will find important notes and comments on you iPhones and iPads look in your Backpack Science notebook sections.

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