The pH Scale and The Cabo Verde Tenth Island Project

Chemistry and Biology Projects (US Student Backpack Scientists)

The pH Scale: Chemists devised a measurement system called the pH scale to indicate the concentration of H+ ions in solution. This scale is important to our student backpack scientists. We are looking for students to create an audio and video podcasts that will help our teams have a deeper understand of the pH scale means to our projects. Some of our students are working with data analysis: Acid Rain to use data to learn more about the ecological impact of acid rain on the Cabo Verde Tenth Island Project. Other students are preparing small samples of a variety of solid foods and fruit juices. They are finding out that most foods are at least slightly acidic, but there are a few exceptions, including egg white and tofu. They are considering including at least on of these foods in their experiments. They have discovered that if you use egg white, cook it to kill any bacteria. Items can be placed in small, paper sample cups available from restaurant and party supply stores in the US.

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