Chemistry Intern Jobs on Santa Luzia Island

Cabo Verde Tenth Island Project Job Lists for Student Backpack Scientists

Chemistry: Intern Jobs

The teachers, scientists, and community advisors are looking for students that are willing to write stories, conduct research, create audio and video podcasts, short videos, create illustration, have audio conversations, write and present papers, create Power Point presentations, create paintings, drawings and illustrations, conduct research, conduct interviews, conduct investigative research, use augmented reality software, virtual reality software, gamming software, virtual reality software and any form of creative expression to assist our STEM team.

Goal: We are using the uninhabited island of Santa Luzia, Cape Verde as our virtual science lab. We need to build a city, science lab, housing units, harbors, a science sailing ship, farms and gardens to grow food, energy plants, wind farms, and anything necessary for our teams to work and live on Santa Luzia, Cape Verde.

We want to hear your creative ideas? What do we need to do to create the worlds most perfect science center on an uninhabited island?

The following STEM projects and job are listed in the hopes that they will spark your creativity.


Chemistry Department Conversations for Kids Talk Radio Science and the Cabo Verde Tenth Island Project.

• Why study chemistry?
• How can chemistry improve health care?
• How can chemistry help with the conservation of natural resources on the Cabo Verde Islands?
• What are some of the pharmaceutical chemicals that we need to have in our emergency medial kits on the island of Santa Luzia, Cape Verde?
• How can we increase food production through the use of fertilizers and pesticides?
• What should we do about the use of plastic

s on the Tenth Island Project?
• What are some of the chemicals that will harm our health on the island of Santa Luzia?
• Talk to our group about creating light. What can we learn from the firefly?
• Explain how solar cells work and how we can use them on the Cabo Verde Tenth Island Project.
• What is a chemist and what do they do?
• Explain how a chemist would use the scientific method?
• How does a gasoline pump deal with mixing chemicals?
• How can we use LED lighting on the Cabo Verde Tenth Island Project?
• Help our students to able to distinguish among elements, compounds and mixtures?
• Explain in a podcast how we co

uld use dimensional analysis in calculations.
• What can you tell our STEM teams about organic chemistry?
• Podcast needed: What is the systemic way that substances are named? Explain nomenclature and how this nomenclature is applied to inorganic chemistry?
• How does a chemist make a match to light a candle? What do we need to do to make a book of matches? Create a podcast that helps to explain chemical changes.
• What is the chemistry involved in inflating and automobile air bag?
• How does a propane touch work?
• Create a podcasts that talks about how a glucose monitor works.
• How do we use chemistry to create light? How can sodium chloride solution conduct electricity? How can we create light at night on the island of Santa Luzia, Cape Verde?
• Create a podcast that talks about co

mmon household items that are acids and bases. Hints: vinegar, lemon juice, ammonia and baking soda.
• How can we avoid rust on Santa Luzia Island?
• When can drinking too much water kill you? Water is a big problem on the island of Santa Luzia. Are there any examples of people who have died from drinking too much water?
• Can we grow sugar cane on the island of Santa Luzia? Can we turn the sugarcane in fuel? What do we have to do to create cane-based ethanol?
• How can our chemists help our STEM team to make our own batteries?
• How can we use solar energy to carry out photosynthesis?
• How can we stop our water from evaporating on Santa Luzia Island?
• Can we create buoyant gasses

to build our own hot airships to travel from one island to the next in Cape Verde?
• Can we use chemistry to regulate our body temperature while living on the island of Santa Luzia?
• Can we grow corn on Santa Luzia? Can we use that corn that we grow as a source of fuel and bioethanol?
• How can we take control of atoms? We want to do more with neon atoms to get higher energy by electricity? What can you add to this conversation? Are we headed in the right direction?
• Cape Verde is where hurricanes are born. We want to know about (GASES). Hurricane formation is still not completely understood. Our team needs a deeper understand about how hurricanes are formed. Create a hurricane information podcast.
• Who is willing to help our group to understand atmospheric pressure and the barometer?

Contact your team leader for the rest of this unit on chemistry.

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