Month: June 2012

The Future Women of Science

We have a shortage of young women in our afterschool science programs.   To solve our problem we went to visit the Animo Leadership Green Dot Charter High School in Los Angeles, California. That is where we got a very pleasant surprize.  We found what we were looking for.    It turns out that the Green Dot Charter High Schools have lots of young men and  women that could  help us with the Cabo Verde Tenth Island International Enhanced STEM and STEAM programs.

Green Dot Science Students

We enjoyed talking with students that heard about the Cabo Verde Tenth Island Project

Bob Barboza traveled to Los Angeles to visit Mark Freedman’s science class at Animo Leadership.  This is a Green Dot Charter high school in Los Angeles, California.  He talked about the Cabo Verde Tenth Island Project and then watched seven science video podcasts produced by the students.  After the video presentations he got a chance to inter seven students and their teacher Mark Freedman.  We talked about science and then we talk about students feelings about the Cabo Verde Tenth Island Project.  We invite you to view our video interviews.