Conversations with Green Dot Charter High School Science Students

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Kids Talk Radio wanted to start a conversation with Green Dot Charter High School students about their science projects, afterschool marine science program, biology classes and the Cabo Verde Tenth Island Project. We invite you to listen to  our video podcast.

One thought on “Conversations with Green Dot Charter High School Science Students

  1. KTR is a vein of gold; and, that secret is out of the bag. The project-based learning examples, the individualized experiences and content, the STEM academics, the way KTR reaches into the minds of these kids and makes them relevant. This special solution can be embraced by special educators. KTR fits into any geography, any demography, any psychology. It scales to global projects as you’ve shown, and the content is live and then stored in an on-demand learning library. Every project touches hundreds of others, soon thousands; the network effect is there if enough decisionmakers realize what’s going on here: Harnessing technology, science, journalism and other academic areas into a project-based, repeatable, sustainable and social framework so all students can excel at STEM learning, display their own achievements in relevant Web 2.0 and video fashion, develop skills, momentum and smarts. Wow, what a start!

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