Month: August 2012

Mission Engineering Updated Photo Essay One

Welcome to our updated photo essay of USC’s Mission Engineering the the Cabo Verde Tenth Island Project.  USC Professor Darin Gray and Kids Talk Radio Science founder Bob Barboza are collaborating on the Cabo Verde Tenth Island Project.  Students attended training at USC and worked on projects in various fields of engineering.  In addition, we created audio and video podcasts to help you to understand what we are teaching pre-college high school students in Los Angeles, California, USA.

STEM Projects

STEM Project-Based Learning

Students were excited about working with a real uninhabited island.  When students have a reason to conduct science experiments and to build things, good things happen in the classroom.  This turned out to be a great way to get students excited about studying engineering at the college level.

New Cabo Verde Tenth Island Student Projects

Impressive group!

Los Angeles student backpack journalists and student backpack scientists are now working together to find solutions for the Cabo Verde Tenth Island Project.  We invite you to view additional  video podcasts and photo essays at  Look for Cabo Verde Tenth Island Project. The students were trained to work in groups.  They built airplanes and air boats, pathogen detection devices, water treatment devices, automated transporters, water monitoring tools, worked with overall distribution of resources and built automated materials transporters.  They were gaining engineering background knowledge.  This is our examples of project-based learning in the STEM areas.   Our students were introduced to the following disciplines: aerospace engineering, biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, industrial engineering and mechanical engineering.  Photos, videos and audio podcasts are distributed over three websites:  Kids Talk Radio LA and Kids Talk Radio USA  .