Revere La Noue: Visual Jazz Opera Team: Art/Video Department

Revere La Noue is an artist, filmmaker, innovator and entrepreneur.  His most recent pursuit is to create projects that reach new audiences through interdisciplinary collaboration. Innovation and technology are cornerstones of his creative process, but they are blended with classical principles and techniques, uniquely straddling the “old world” and the digital era. Mr. La Noue strives to develop new strategies to elevate the presence of art in an increasingly hectic society.

In 2010, he founded The Mascot Gallery, an online resource and marketplace featuring his artwork and media projects about America’s great icons, via impressionistic depictions of their often forgotten origins.  Within the first year, pieces from his “Original Mascot Print Series” were hung in public and private collections in 42 states.  In 2011, he created a four-story, 6500 sq ft., fine art print of stampeding broncos that wrapped around the corner of a city block; it is believed to be the largest fine-art print ever created. His most recent exhibition of experimental photography depicting the city of Detroit was part of a show at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum that drew a record number 100,000 visitors in two weeks.

As an award winning filmmaker, Mr. La Noue  has collaborated with a wide range of organizations including National Geographic, HBO, NBC Sports, The New Yorker Magazine, The National Science Foundation, The National Institutes for Child Health and Human Development, The University System of Maryland, and Stanford University Medical School.  He is proud that his work has made a strong social impact as an educational tool, a case for conservation, a vessel of inspiration for communities in need of support around the country, and as a medical resource saving lives on five continents around the globe. His film projects are shown theatrically, in festivals, on national television, in educational forums and have extensive online followings. He is frequently called upon to consult with other filmmakers and business leaders to help refine their vision, build emotive texture and suggest unconventional solutions to storytelling problems.

Revere La Noue’s  studio and exhibition space is part of the reviving Main Street in Durham, North Carolina.  La Noue has a Bachelor’s Degree from the College of Arts and Letters at the University of Notre Dame, and a Master’s Degree from the Documentary Film and Video Program at Stanford University.  He received additional training at The Art League in Alexandria, Virginia, The Pratt School in New York, The Corcoran School of Art in Washington D.C., and Université Catholique De L’Ouest in Angers, France.

Credits: Photo by Brandon Hoe

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