New 3-D printing process could lead to construction on Mars and the moon

Science/Technology USC Viterbi professor’s invention uses lunar and Martian dust to develop material for a zero-gravity environ BY Amy Blumenthal April 4, 2016 A NASA competition mandated that competitors use materials found on Mars. (Illustration/Courtesy of NASA) Selective Separation Sintering (SSS), a new 3D-printing process developed by a USC engineer to enable the construction of […]

Bob Barboza is speaking in Cabo Verde, West Africa

      Bob Barboza, educator, STEM journalist and founder of the Barboza Space Center is speaking at the III Strategic Dialogue at the Institute of Pedro Pires. Although there is no unanimity on the relationship between education and development, there is consensus around three fairly provable statements: The geography of education coincides with the geography of well-being: […]