Bob Barboza is speaking in Cabo Verde, West Africa




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Bob Barboza, educator, STEM journalist and founder of the Barboza Space Center is speaking at the III Strategic Dialogue at the Institute of Pedro Pires.

Although there is no unanimity on the relationship between education and development, there is consensus around three fairly provable statements:

  1. The geography of education coincides with the geography of well-being: health, income, information and knowledge, exercise of human rights, social awareness and appreciation of the common good.
  2. Education and the promotion of knowledge are the engine of personal development, of the development of organizations and of the development of countries.
  3. There is no knowledge, nor its contribution to development, without historical and social underpinnings, based on purposeful investment in education.

A hardly refutable fact is that education is the strategic number one development factor and a key factor for the social transformation and progress of societies.

Bob Barboza is establishing three Kids Talk Radio science and technology distance learning projects.  The STEM and STEAM++  centers will be located in Praia, Cabo Verde, Providence, Rhode Island and Downey, California.


Conference Date: Sunday, 14 May 2016

Praia, Cabo Verde


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