Bob Barboza Speaking in Cabo Verde

Praia, 25 Apr (Inforpress) – “What human capital for development” is the theme of the Third Strategic Dialogue, an event promoted by Pedro Pires Institute for Leadership (IPP), scheduled to begin on 09 May in Praia.
The information was released today by the executive director of the institution, Indira Pires, during a press conference at which recalled that after 2014 and 2015 have done two simulators events, “Regional Integration in Africa” and “Innovation in Development Management” respectively this year brought the issue of development of human capital.
He explained that the choice of the theme “What human capital for development?”, Essentially aims to promote an open dialogue and participated with the presence of national and international experts and also with civil society.
The strategic dialogue will be open to the public why urges the public to make their registration through the Facebook page and the IPP site from Tuesday, taking into account what will happen in one of the hotels in the capital where space it is limited.
Indira Pires said that the meeting will be opened by the Prime Minister, Ulisses Correia e Silva, justifying this choice is due to the political moment that we live in the country.
Regarding the forum said to be divided into two panels. At first the theme “Education and development? As a potential virtuous circle” will be studied and speakers, economist Adrien Lorenceau, Djeneba Traore, Ricardo Paes de Barros and moderated the former Minister of Education Filomena Martins.
In the second panel “Towards a new generation of leaders: education and training” that will be the responsibility of speakers, Bob Barboza, Fred Swaniker, Jorge Dias and will be moderated by Victor Borges added.
He explained, however, that as in previous events there will be an informal discussion with the participation of the institution’s president, Pedro Pires, who is a moment that provides an open conversation with the guests this year are two, the former Minister of Finance and Planning Cristina Duarte and Milton Paiva, Secretary general of the Institute for Democracy and Development.
For international guests, said that this year will rely on people essentially sector, or are experts “less newsworthy” but that in his opinion, have a curriculum, visions and experiences that consider that they can be “important and of value”.
According to Indira Pires, this year joined the strategic dialogue to the main event that IPP is the first meeting of the IPP Trainers Annual, ie the leadership course taught by that institution, a meeting that according to said prior to the conference.
According to the source the meeting IPP Trainers Annual happens on May 13 will be opened as part of the morning to the public and the afternoon will be more restricted, with the protagonists graduates and former graduates of the leadership course taught from 2013 by IPP.
He added that issues such as, youth participation in politics, the issue of governance and follow-up of public policies and the need to ensure that there is continuity of certain public policies even in times of transition or administration of the country changes.
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