Colonizing Mars Student Reading Assignment

Reading Assignment: M287 To all Occupy Mars Learning Adventures students:  Read this article and send your comments to and include ID No.: M287   Elon Musk debuting the ITS plans Colonizing Mars A Critique of the SpaceX Interplanetary Transport System Robert Zubrin In remarks at the International Astronautical Congress in Guadalajara, Mexico on September […]

Going to Mars with President Obama

  Mars 2030 what’s good? Who wants to go to Mars?   The students at the Barboza Space Center were thrilled to hear the news coming from President Obama this week.  “We are all training to be junior astronauts, engineers and scientists and President Obama was saying just what we wanted to hear.”   We […]

Who wants to go to Mars?

NASA is now hiring astronauts for trips to space and Mars that would blast them with radiation, but Crave’s Eric Mack learns that some corners of the world already get a similar treatment.     Why the best Mars colonists could come from places like Iran and Brazil by Eric Mack @ericcmack Mars colonists will […]

The Science of Playing Basketball with President Obama

McLachlin takes part in presidential pick-up game On January 13, 2009, in Photos, by Baller-in-Chief (From Photo courtesy of Kristy McLachlin From left, Parker’s brother Spencer McLachlin, Spencer’s girlfriend Cynthia Barboza, President-Elect Barack Obama, Parker’s mother Beth McLachlin, Parker himself, Parker’s father Chris McLachlin and Parker’s wife Kristy McLachlin. HONOLULU, Hawaii — Parker McLachlin […]