Getting USA Kids Ready To Perform A Visual Jazz Opera Based on Mars

A Bob Barboza Production.png

Bob Barboza has assembled a team of scientists, engineers, musicians, composers and arrangers to help him to create a version of Gustav Holst-Mars for elementary students in South Central Los Angeles.  We are integrating robots and new electronic instruments into this production.   We are bringing STEAM++ (science,technology, engineering, visual and performing arts, computer languages and foreign languages) to the schools.  Bob will be touring schools and public libraries with his robots talking about his third visual jazz opera based on the “The Occupy Mars Learning Adventures.”   Bob is busy writhing the ninth movement of this opera titled, “Are We Along in the Universe?” in A minor.

You can follow the making of a visual jazz opera by visiting:





One thought on “Getting USA Kids Ready To Perform A Visual Jazz Opera Based on Mars

  1. Interesting ! You should check out ‘Space’ a poem written a few months back. I have quite a collection of poems, mostly about stars , the moon , but Mars sounds interesting.

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