Experiments with pH Levels: Occupy Mars Learning Adventure Projects

edge® Multiparameter pH Meter   Hanna Instruments introduces the world’s most innovative pH meter: edge®. edge’s groundbreaking design is the culmination of Hanna’s vision, design capabilities, integrated production and world class R&D. The edge meter is only 0.5” thick yet rich in features to accommodate the needs of a vast amount of customers. For those […]

Turning Up the Heat On Mars Plans

Speaking of Science Mars Society founder blasts NASA for ‘worst plan yet’ https://tpc.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-8/html/container.html By Joel Achenbach May 17 Mars Society founder Robert Zubrin opened a 1998 conference with a speech on how humans could travel to Mars within a decade. (Jonathan Castner for The Washington Post) Robert Zubrin started the Mars Society nearly two decades […]

US Students Are Visiting Mars

Immersive Learning Takes Off at the Locke Jetspace August 12, 2016 | 2 Comments Los Angeles is known the world over for boundless optimism and opportunity, for the manifestation of dreams through risk taking, ingenuity, an embrace of entrepreneurs, and craftsmen, of science, business, design, and artistry. Our communities are rich with expertise and resources. […]

2017 Barboza Space Center Fellowship Program

STEM, STEAM and STEAM++ The Barboza Space Center was founded under the belief that students need hands on experience in the areas of STEAM++ (science, technology, engineering, visual and performing arts, mathematics, computer languages and foreign languages).  Today, The Barboza Space Center is actively developing the technologies to prototype satellites, robots and Martian habitats with […]

Growing Plants on Earth and Mars

Self contained ebb and flow hydroponics growing system. The perfect way to learn how plants can grow without soil and helps teach the basic concepts for the plants needs, nutrition, food production, recycling, agricultural technology and soil-less growing environments. This mobile hydroponics center includes grow lights and water pump. The adjustable timers enable you to […]

What Skills and /or maths are needed to study artificial intelligence?

Bob Barboza (Founder/Director Barboza Space Center) and Dr. Maiorca (Assistant Professor, Mathematics Education Department of Teacher /Education College of Education) are working with students at California State University, Long Beach.  Pre-service teachers and middle school students are exploring a connection with robots and mathematics in a four day summer camp.  Bob Barboza will be introducing the […]