High School Students Repairing Satellites

Students in the USA are working with students in “The Republic of Cabo Verde” on robots repairing satellites.  This is accomplished through a fellowship program designed to train high school students in a simulated space company. The Barboza Space Center is lead by astrosociologist, Bob Barboza in Long Beach, California.  He builds tiger teams to […]

What is a Marspedia?

Mars Society Partners with Marspedia Project to Help Build Mars Online Encyclopedia Kids Talk Radio Science wants to help with this project.  We are located at the Barboza Space Center. The Mars Society is pleased to announce that it has joined the online Marspedia project started by two other space advocacy groups – The Mars […]

Student Science Projects: International Space Station

Who wants to launch a satellite?  Student at the Barboza Space Center are designing, building and repairing satellite prototypes in the hopes of one day carrying their experiments to the International Space Station.  Nanoracks is a company that makes that all possible.   NanoRacks Launches Full External Cygnus Deployer, New Customers, and More to Space […]

Math Teachers Wanted: Occupy Mars Project

The teachers at the Barboza Space Center are looking for fun space math projects using calculus.  We are teaching teams of high school students that are training to become Jr. astronauts, scientists and engineers.   Our students have labtop computers and scientific calculators.   Some of our students will be using slide rulers.  Here is […]