Who wants to write for Native American Flutes?

We are looking to work with musicians, artists and composers.  We are performing jazz, classical and World music for the visual jazz opera, “The Occupy Mars Learning Adventures.”  Contact: Suprschool@aol.com.

Who wants to write music for Native American Flutes?

The Occupy Mars Band is getting ready to perform original compositions at museums and art galleries.  All concerts will be in California in 2018.  Our workshops will included teacher students how to write music and spoken word for the Occupy Mars Learning Adventures Projects.   We will post concert and workshop dares at this website and www.KidsTalkRadioLA.com

We invite you to view our new photo essay including our chimes and Native American flute collection.

Our flutes are in the following keys:  F sharp, G, C sharp, D  and E

Bob_1410 2.jpgBob_1420 copy.jpgBob_1436 copy.jpgBob_1439 copy.jpgBob_1445 2 copy.jpgBob_1447 copy.jpgFlutes_1413 2 copy.jpgLong _1457 copy.jpgIMG_1444 2.jpgIMG_1447 2.jpgIMG_1452.jpg

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