Robots and 3D Printed Musical Instruments Head For Occupy Mars Band

Kids Talk Radio speaks with Laurent Bernadac about using 3D printed violins in the Occupy Mars Band.

Innovation at the 2018 NAMM Show





3Dvarius made an impression at last year’s NAMM Show with the introduction of its 3D-printed electric violin. Now the innovative instrument maker is back at the 2018 show with three brand new models.

The Line is inspired by the original 3Dvarius design. Unlike the original plastic violin, the Line has been simplified for a perfect adaptation to its new material: wood.

Its body is composed of these two woods (beech and sipo) organised in parallel lines, and oriented in the exact direction of the sound-waves running through the instrument when played. It uses the firm’s “S Pickup” to deliver a clear sound.

The pre-order price starts at €999.

The Equinox is made of a mixture of 3D-printed resin, wood and aluminium. Like the 3Dvarius, its central wood body is created in one single piece. This ensures a perfect accuracy of the audio spectrum and allows for smooth, optimal sound-wave flow throughout the instrument.

It is equipped with a “X Piezoelectric Pickup” to deliver a powerful sound and prevent feedback.

The pre-oder price starts at €2,249.

Last but not least, the company has introduced a 5-string version of its popular original 4-string 3Dvarius violin.

Created in partnership with a number of violinists in order to select the best lengths, heights and spaces for its neck, pickup and strings, the 5-string model is designed to give players to chance to expand their playing range and explore new styles of music and tone.

The 5-string model is available now with a price tag of €7,499.

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