We need your help growing plants for Mars

Students from the USA and Cabo Verde are working together to experiment with Super Seeds for Mars 2030.   Dr. Angelo Barbosa (Cabo Verde) and Bob Barboza, MS. (USA) are conducting research and sharing results.  This is a STEM project designed to get high school students excited about science.   We welcome you to join our experiments and to follow our photo essay.   www.BarbozaSpaceCenter.com.

We welcome your comments.   Suprschool@aol.com

garden-on-mars.jpgIMG_2230 2.jpgstr2_scimars1811_py_1-770x470.jpgfile:///var/folders/kq/k23w05kx6t53n9jchbj3496IMG_2238.jpgIMG_2240.jpgIMG_2239.jpg




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