The Robot Showcase is Coming August 4 and 25, Southern California.

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Where can I learn about robotics ?

Japanese students learning about Mars, AI & robots at the Barboza Space Center with Bob Barboza. Best Universities For Robotics by Scholarship Positions on May 27, 2015 in College Articles FacebookWhatsAppTwitterLinkedInEmail The branch of engineering which involves designing, constructing and operating robots is known as robotics. It also involves learning about the computer systems which […]

The French Mars Crew is Studying in the USA

Crew 189 Final Mission Summary MDRS Crew 189: Team ISAE-Supaero Mission Summary Report March 9, 2018 1)   Introduction a-     MDRS 189 mission origins   Crew Member Country MDRS Role Victoria Da-Poian France Commander Louis Mangin France Commander Jérémy Auclair France Greenhab Officer Benoit Floquet France Astronomer Laurent Bizien France Health & Safety Officer Gabriel Payen […]