Wilson High School Robotics

by KATU News Friday, April 13th 2018 Students with Wilson High School’s robotics team operate their robot. (KATU Photo) AA PORTLAND, Ore. — A Portland high school is heading to the world championships of robotics. For the first time ever Wilson High School’s robotics team placed first in regionals. They’ve won every bout so far and […]

Playing Chess on Mars

The Barboza Space Center is training Jr. astronauts, scientists and engineering in the Occupy Mars Learning Adventures Program to play chess.  This will help to keep our minds sharp on the long eight month journey to Mars.    www.BarbozaSpaceCemter.Com How to Play Chess Five Parts:Understanding the Board and PiecesKnowing How to WinPlaying the GameUtilizing StrategyKnowing […]

Projects for Planet Earth

SUBMERSIBLE DRONE, POWERED BY PI Rather than taking to the skies like most Pi-powered drones, this ingenious ROV dives beneath the surface for some underwater exploration A keen scuba diver and RC model maker, Niels Affourtit had always been fascinated by the possibility of building a remote-control submarine, but was deterred due to the expense […]

Who wants to train like an astronaut in Russia?

Call for Volunteers for Sirius Mission The Institute for Biomedical Problems (IBMP), jointly with Human Research Program NASA (HRP NASA), will be conducting an extended duration lunar mission simulation at its facility in Moscow in 2019 and 2020. The mission, known as Sirius, will involve a crew of six, including three Russians and three non-Russians. […]