The Occupy Mars Band Research Department

The Physics of Electronic Music: A Photo Essay By Bob Barboza

Music and science come together for the new visual jazz opera about the planet Mars.

Bob Barboza is selecting instruments for the “Occupy Mars Band Concert” in the USA.  He went to the NAMM Show in southern California to talk with musicians and instrument designers from around the world.   Some of the musicians will appear as soloists for Bob’s new visual jazz opera on the topics of  Mars and are we alone in the universe.  We continue to search for original compositions and writers on the topics of deep space and Mars.   For more information contact

Future NAMM Related Articles:

March 2019: Yamaha Silent Instruments,  The Occupy Mars Band will be using silent instruments with humanoid robots

April 2019: Music On Mars, Kids Talk Radio Science has a series of articles about the new Occupy Mars Learning Adventures 2019 program feature learning and playing music on Mars.  For more information contact:

May 2019: Robots using Air Turn, Inc.  This month we will feature special articles and photo essays of robots using new electronic musical support inventions by Air Turn inc.

June 2019: Robots in the Music Department. A new company that we met at NAMM 2019, Algorithms Inc., has invented a new online music generator using special algorithms.  Talks are underway about using these special musical online algorithms to enhance Nao humanoid robots in the playing of music.  This would be a new collaboration among three university physics, robotics, and electronic music departments.   For more information contact:

July 2019:  Kodak Cameras on Mars Landers and Rovers:  The Kodak marketing team (JK Imaging Ltd.) is working on a new success story about how the Barboza Space Center is using The Kodak PIXPRO Orbit 360 4K camera on simulated Mars rovers and landers.   We found these wonderful new cameras at NAMM 2019.


Welcome to our NAMM 2019 Photo Essay.

Our investigative journalists were searching for stories, musical instruments, and accessories that would support learning, playing and building new musical instruments for the “Occupy Mars Learning Adventure.”   This is all part of a new science, engineering, and technology Mars colony project.  These STEM and STEAM++ stories will continue throughout 2019-2020.

If you have any photos or stories that you would like to add to this collection please email us at




IMG_2032 2.jpegIMG_2080.jpeg




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