Women in Motion Documentary About Space (Do you Remember Star Trek?)

The Nichelle Nichols Documentary: WOMAN IN MOTION is out and Streaming Across the Universe!

My good friend Ivor Dawson from the “Traveling Space Museum.” Is in this new documentary.  He has been supporting Nichelle Nichols for several years and he is currently helping me with the Barboza Space Center’s First School on Mars astronaut training program.   I am suggesting to all of my followers to take a look at this new documentary on Amazon Prime.  Nichelle. From Star

A Message from Ivor Dawson:

The wait is over. Woman in Motion has been released—just in time for Women in History Month.  If you’re a Star Trek or Nichelle Nichols fan or a friend of mine or Traveling Space Museum—this movie is great—and I’m not saying this because I’m in it! Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 95% rating and it’s #5 on iTunes’ Documentaries List.  The film is already a hit! George Lucas loved the project so much that he offered his services at Skywalker Ranch to mix the sound—so we know that the force is with us! 

As a friend, confidante and speechwriter for Ms. Nichols for more than two decades, the producers thought that I might have a few thoughts to contribute.  And speaking of George Lucas,  a year ago, when the film was completed—about a week before COVID arrived, the producers and I autographed a Woman in Motion lobby poster that went to our friends at Skywalker Ranch. Seeing my name on the official poster was another surprise thrill.   

Right now, you can catch Woman in Motion streaming on iTunes for rent or sale and on Amazon Prime video. Many who saw it on Amazon Prime were able to see it for free!

Hope you all can catch it soon. And when you do, please write and tell me what you think. Live long and prosper!


I would love to get your feedback of this documentary and if you want more like this stay tuned to Kids Talk Talk Radio Science with some of the links below.

All the best,

Bob Barboza


 Kids Talk Radio Science




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