Climate change is the cause of a number of devastating consequences facing our planet. However, one often overlooked problem keeping the environmental science community busy right now is ocean acidification.

Thinking About Earth Day Around the World. Real-World Applications Experiments with real-world applications are important because they help demonstrate to students the reality behind the science. As a biologist and former AP Environmental Science teacher, I know from experience that these kinds of experiments help open students’ eyes to real environmental issues and can inspire […]

Autonomous Underwater Robots Could Cause Deadly Accidents, Warns UN Think Tank

The “U” in U-boat now stands for “unmanned” BY KELSEY D. ATHERTON SEPTEMBER 08, 2015 MILITARY BOEING, VIA FLICKRSHARE  The next sea change in naval warfare may be unmanned, autonomous robots. In a new white paper published by the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research, an internal think tank, the fear isn’t the reaper, but the self-steering […]

Junior Astronaut Training: Tiger Teams How can robots help with Astronaut Tiger Teams on Special Assignment? HO Eagle I: 2017 2017 was the first year that California State University, Los Angeles competed in the international RoboSub competition. The first vehicle, nicknamed Eagle I, was constructed with a pelikan case hull and a mechanical frame made […]

Wind-energy-in-Cape-Verde-Wind-Farm-In.Wind Energy in Cape Verde: Wind Farm in Boa Vista Island

The Boa Vista wind farm, with an installed capacity of 2.5 megawatts, is due to be inaugurated Friday on Boa Vista Island in Cape Verde and will join existing wind power farms on the islands of Santiago, Sal, São Vicente and Santo Antão, the latter being the only private initiative, the Cape Verdean press reported. […]

Drones: Astronaut Training at Sea Barboza Space Center

AUGUST 9, 2018  4 Ways Drones are Being Used in Maritime and Offshore Services  The Barboza Space Center is training their junior astronauts, engineers, and scientists to get ready for a simulated Mars science mission. Drones are going to play a part in the new training program for Mars. Jeremiah Karpowicz      Predictions about […]