Wind-energy-in-Cape-Verde-Wind-Farm-In.Wind Energy in Cape Verde: Wind Farm in Boa Vista Island

The Boa Vista wind farm, with an installed capacity of 2.5 megawatts, is due to be inaugurated Friday on Boa Vista Island in Cape Verde and will join existing wind power farms on the islands of Santiago, Sal, São Vicente and Santo Antão, the latter being the only private initiative, the Cape Verdean press reported.

The new wind farm, which accounts for half of the island’s power generation capacity, is part of a public-private partnership project funded by the African Development Bank and the European Investment Bank.
The company responsible for the wind turbines project, Cabeólica, which is the result of a partnership set up in 2009, has as its national partners the Cape Verdean government and water and electricity company Electra, and its international partners are InfraCo Limited, the Africa Finance Corporation and the Finnish Fund for Industrial Cooperation (FinnFund).
Four onshore wind farm plantss in Cape Verde, off the west coast of Africa, would go on line in January 2012, European Investment Bank (EIB) VP Plutarchos Sakellaris revealed on Friday. 
The 32 wind turbines wind power project would generate over 28 MW of electricity and ease Cape Verde’s reliance on imported fossil fuels.
The government of Cape Verde wants to raise the share of wind energy production to 25% by 2012, and eventually to 50% by 2020.
The EIB has invested €45-million in the wind farm project, which also received funding from the African Development Bank.

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