Mars Society 2021 International Online Convention

Mars Society 24 th. Annual International Mars Society Convention


Our four-day event is free, and brings together prominent scientists, policymakers, entrepreneurs and space advocates to discuss the significance of the latest scientific discoveries, technological advances and political-economic-social developments that could affect plans for the human exploration and settlement of Mars. As always, the convention will involve a wide variety of timely plenary talks, panel discussions and public debates concerning key issues bearing on human Mars exploration.

Bob Barboza is Presenting  at the 2021 Mars Society Annual International  Convention

Session: 0-7  (5:00-5:30 PM),Thursday, October 14, 2021,  Barboza Training High School Tiger Teams for Simulated Mars Missions

Session: 0-10 (6:30-7:30  PM),Thursday, October 14, 2021,  Barboza: Can we grow food using Martian soil?  

Registration Information:

Screen Shot 2021-10-02 at 11.29.22 AM.png

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