VP Pence Comments on Space Program

Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Lynne Zielinski Media@nss.org 202.429.1600 http://www.nss.org National Space Society Supports VP Pence’s Call for Constant Low-Earth Orbit Human Presence Leading to the Settlement of Space (Washington DC, July 10, 2017) The National Space Society (NSS) endorses Vice President Pence’s call to maintain a “constant presence” in low-Earth orbit (LEO) leading to […]

US Students Are Visiting Mars

Immersive Learning Takes Off at the Locke Jetspace August 12, 2016 | 2 Comments Los Angeles is known the world over for boundless optimism and opportunity, for the manifestation of dreams through risk taking, ingenuity, an embrace of entrepreneurs, and craftsmen, of science, business, design, and artistry. Our communities are rich with expertise and resources. […]

NASA Needs Your Help On the Moon Europa

NASA asks science community for Europa Lander Instruments ideas by Staff Writers Washington DC (SPX) May 18, 2017 illustration only NASA is asking scientists to consider what would be the best instruments to include on a mission to land on Jupiter’s icy moon, Europa. NASA Wednesday informed the science community to prepare for a planned […]

2017 Barboza Space Center Fellowship Program

STEM, STEAM and STEAM++ The Barboza Space Center was founded under the belief that students need hands on experience in the areas of STEAM++ (science, technology, engineering, visual and performing arts, mathematics, computer languages and foreign languages).  Today, The Barboza Space Center is actively developing the technologies to prototype satellites, robots and Martian habitats with […]