Backpack Robotics

A student-run journal tackles elemental questions.

The Fukushima Nuclear Plant is located in Japan. What have we learned from this nuclear accidents?

Fukushima changed everything.  When the March 2011 tsunami destroyed four of six nuclear reactors at the Japanese power plant, the world stopped in its tracks to rethink the viability of nuclear energy, a power source that till then had been gaining advocates globally.  So when the Stanford Energy Club began developing the idea of producing a journal focused on energy and environmental topics, it  seem fitting to choose”The Future of Nuclear Energy” as the theme of its first issue.   Kids Talk Radio wants to follow this club.  We feel that it will inspire energy and environmental conversations that will be important to the Cabo Verde Tenth Island Project.  We recommend that our students and teachers visit the Stanford Energy Club website at:

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  1. Artificial Intelligence News:

    Who know anything about “Leaf?” This is becoming my favorite robot; next to Nao of course. How would you like to talk to your computer and have it talk back to you? This is what we are doing at Kids Talk Radio Science. Check out the STEM Plus Plus page at

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