Teachers from around the started a conversation about collaborating on the Cape Verde Tenth Island International STEM and STEAM Project.


Bob Barboza presented a poster session and spoke to an international audience about the merits of collaborating on the Cabo Verde Tenth Island Project.  He message was about recruiting backpack journalists and backpack scientists from around the world.  The main goals are create a new virtual island science center laboratory in which students from around the world can collaborate on STEM and STEAM  project-based learning that can lead to making this world a better place.

Green Dot Science Students

We enjoyed talking with students that heard about the Cabo Verde Tenth Island Project

Bob Barboza traveled to Los Angeles to visit Mark Freedman’s science class at Animo Leadership.  This is a Green Dot Charter high school in Los Angeles, California.  He talked about the Cabo Verde Tenth Island Project and then watched seven science video podcasts produced by the students.  After the video presentations he got a chance to inter seven students and their teacher Mark Freedman.  We talked about science and then we talk about students feelings about the Cabo Verde Tenth Island Project.  We invite you to view our video interviews.